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Nguyen Son Hai

Designer + Designer, Freelancer, and Music Lover

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Ez Explore

Explore and discover fascinating things around the world with stunning images and detailed content descriptions.

Ez Explore

A user-friendly mobile app that allows you to explore the wonders of the universe with ease. Discover distant planets, galaxies, stars and more right from your phone.

Ez Health

A healthy lifestyle - something that's always on our minds. Through our app, we prioritize the importance of proper nutrition, fitness, and planning to help users maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Smart Road

The First Mobile E-Commerce Platform for Vehicle Parts Distribution and Related Support Services in Vietnam.

Pharmacity - Your Health Assistant

A retail medicine online application developed by Pharmacity company. It allows users to search for products, find the nearest store, and shop online.


These melodies have a way of transporting me to another world entirely. They allow me to escape reality and lose myself in the music. I feel like I'm floating on a cloud nine sound, completely weightless and free. You can press the reload button above to switch to another cloud nine. May you find the same joy in these melodies as I do.

Hi there

As a Creative Developer, I have a strong passion for creating websites and mobile applications.

I find joy in crafting elegantly simple solutions through design and coding, and I am deeply committed to perfecting my craft.

My expertise includes a variety of technologies such as Typescript, Javascript, React, Next.js, Three.js.

Apart from programming, I have a profound love for music.


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We'll never fade like graffiti on the overpass